Butter Braid Reminder

Butter Braids Due

It’s the last week of Butter Braids. Money and forms are due on Wedesday, 12/2.

  • What is your goal?
  • We suggested everyone sell at least 10 items. How far are you to meeting that?
  • Do you need more forms? I have them.

Money is due at the regular meeting on Wed., Dec. 2.  We will see who is the winner.  Watch this video to get pumped up.


Competitions = Paperwork

As the competition season nears, paperwork looms. Both FIRST and Brookfield High School have a bevy of forms to be filled out. We’ve started a “Forms Page” on the main menu where you can download much of what you need.

The first priority (and the FIRST priority) is to get everyone registered with the team on the US FIRST Youth Team Member System (formerly STIMS).

Fun and Profit at Barnes & Noble Mini-Maker Faire

We will be volunteering at the Barnes & Noble Mini-Maker Faire on Sunday the 8th at 15 Backus Avenue in Danbury. There is a sign-up sheet on SignUpGenius.

The folks at Barnes & Noble have all sorts of cool things lined up: robot demonstrations, Lego creations and catapults! Our job will be to help visitors explore and discover. Plus, if customers use a voucher when making a purchase, we can get a portion of the sale. (Print out the voucher.)